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At various times in his life, Gary Hudson has delivered food, sung in bands, played guitar, given music lessons, taught Sunday school, preached as a Baptist minister, worked as a caregiver, recorded CDs, written a book and evolved into an experienced luthier. Whatever his role at the time, his passion for the guitar has provided the soundtrack of Hudson's life. www.tallahasseemagazine.com


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THE DOCTOR IS ON CALL.  Friday and Saturday evenings I may be reached by any working musicians in a pinch. If you have an emergency need with your guitar, do not hesitate to call me after hours on Friday or Saturday nights! 
Gary Hudson

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From Jacksonville, FL and being a guitar player from youth, I spent much of free time as young players do in music stores. One frequent stop was the American Music Store on Lenox Ave. on Jacksonville's Westside, where I browsed around and bought my strings as far back as 1973.  Liked to go in there up into the 1990's, especially to shop around for a guitar for myself or for one of my students who took guitar lessons from me at home . . . continued