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The basic setup fee on most guitars and basses is $60. The setup includes lowering the action, truss rod adjustment, intonation set, and lowering the nut if needed. This also includes checking all the hardware on the guitar, every screw and nut, to make sure all is tight, and with electrics the controls & output jack are checked and the pickup levels balanced. If the control pots of an electric guitar have static, they will also be cleaned out. ALL of this is included with your setup.

The truss rod adjustment is the first fundamental of the setup. It needs to be adjusted properly with the correct amount of "relief" so that the action may be a low as possible without the strings buzzing on the frets. Folkstone Guitars will setup your guitar to its best performance and comfort. Many guitars are unnecessarily hard to press down on the strings because the action is way too high. Why make a guitar hard to play? At Folkstone, our setup lowers the strings on the fingerboard making playing more relaxed and smooth.

Guitars in general do not come set up from the factory. I will set your guitar up any way you like and make recommendations. Full inspection is done upon drop off and an invoice issued to you describing the work and the cost. Turn around time is usually 2-3 days, depending on the work load, but in nearly all instances I can get your guitar back to you in 2 days.

Gary Hudson
Folkstone Guitars Inc.