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This is a list of some guitars modified, repaired, or both and testimonials from their owners.

Old Wave Mandolin

" WOW !!!!!!!!!

Just finished playing the mando at a practice with my Irish group. We finished about 9:45pm, but I couldn't put the mando down until now ... and when I finish this email I will be right back on it ... but I had to write. What a wonderful job you did on my mandolin ... The E strings have never sounded so clear, bright and similar ... think that must be the new bone nut, because it is the same in the open string position. The stainless steel frets play like a dream !!! I was worried about my old mando when the original frets wore slam out, because it may never live again ... but it does !!! I am now truly a believer in your video on YouTube. Much more volume, better tone, no loss in bass response which was a real plus on this Old Wave mando, and velvety smoooooooth touch. Thank you for using my solid maple bridge and setting it up so nicely. Know that was extra work. The action you set is perfect ... nothing for me to do but play and enjoy.

Thank You ... Thank You ... Thank you ... for bringing new life back into this wonderful ol' mando !!!

I will be passing this info to my mando buddies (old Gibson friends), as well as other fretted band mates and friends ...

Thank You Very Much

Sincerely, "

Charles Johnson
Tallahassee, Florida

1995 Gibson Studio

"I have a 1995 Gibson Studio. I sent Gary my guitar with only my T-Top pickups, Alum. tail and Roller bridge + pickup switch. Gary installed my new SS frets, all wiring is vintage, cap Vol. and Tone pots. When the guitar was done. He sent it back to me. Plug guitar in the Amp. I can tell everyone this is the Best sound and playing guitar I ever played. This man can be trusted and his work is GREAT.

Gary, I thank you for a great job and work."

Gene and Greg
New Jersey


"I am one of the happy customers of Mr. Gary Hudson. I have an old Jackson electric guitar which had quite fret wear and annoying fret buzz. When I brought my guitar and talked with him, I soon recognized his passion and professionalism for his work. He did the refret job with stainless frets and total adjustment of the instrument for me. I am very satisfied with the quality of his work. He is so amazing! The stainless frets that most of other luthiers don't like to work with were installed beautifully and feel great. Refret and adjustment by him also made my guitar more resonant and sound more constant over the frets. Literally my guitar was re-born! Thank you so much Gary!!

Again thank you for your beautiful job!   My re-born Jackson is making me smile when I play!"

Fumitake Kametani, Ph.D.
National High Magnetic
Field Laboratory, Florida State University
Research areas of: Applied Superconductivity and Magnets & Materials Engineering


"My 1969 Les Paul was well overdue to have some work done but I had always been hesitant about it until I met Gary. I looked over a couple of his other re-fret and repair jobs and his meticulous workmanship and careful attention to detail led me to believe that it was finally time to have the old girl massaged back into shape. We talked over my needs and expectations for the finished work and decided on stainless frets among a fairly long list of incidentals such as going back to the original Kluson tuners, filling in the fingerboard, etc... When I went to pick her up, the first thing I noticed was the precision of the work. Then we plugged her in and I fell in love with that guitar all over again!

Thanks Gary, for the job well done and the smile on my face every time I pick her up and start to play."

Jamie Flynn
Marianna, FL

BEFORE: the fretboard on a '69 Les Paul Deluxe before reconditioning.  You can see ruts of wear.  The first three frets have already been pulled, which also leaves unevenness on an old fretboard --

AFTER: same fretboard reconditioned, new steel frets, new binding, and new bone nut --


"It has taken me years to locate a craftsman who I trust totally leaving my guitars with. Gary Hudson has so far worked on three of my guitars and one of my daughter's. What I have gotten back has been exceptional quality and professional work exceeding anything I have seen in this area. Gary is well worth the trip to Tallahassee. If you are with in three hundred miles of him there are two things you need to do. Come his one of her performances and if you have a guitar that needs superb care, renovations or set up, contact him.  If you are not within three hundred miles, do yourself a favor and move closer. You will need him eventually. Gary's work is also endorsed by everyone here at Turtle Pond Music who have benefited from his abilities, and that includes my daughter Wendy."

Walt Johnson,
Marietta, FL
Turtle Pond Music


"I have a Road Worn Strat that needed some work. It had fret issues that interfered with doing a string bend up one step on the high E. Having repair work done twice lowered the action some and improved it but did not solve the problem. I had Gary work on both problems with this guitar and he gave it back to me with action lowered and the High E problem corrected, and, at a fraction of the cost that covered previous repairs! He straightened the neck and set the intonation and tremolo completely to my satisfaction. My guitar now plays and feels beautifully, better than any Road Worn Strat I have ever played!"

Mike Bailey
Scots On The Rock (band)


"Last year, Gary installed a Baggs I-Beam pickup system in my Takamine G-10. It had no electric capability prior to this. Then he adjusted the truss rod and replaced the plastic saddle with a bone saddle, and now it sounds like a guitar costing much more, and I can plug it in! Gary transformed my lowly Tak into something that can compete with his Taylor."

Casey Howell,
DAC Embroidery, Charlotte, NC


"Gary Hudson did a fantastic job on recommending and installing a new pickup on my Gibson.  At the time, I was playing at Church and his improvements made a big difference in the way my guitar sounded and it made it easier to get "plugged in" and the sound correct. He was very fast and accurate.  He also seems to have this ability to connect with the guitar and know just what is needed to make the improvements.  Kind of reminds me of that car commercial where the person kind of describes the sound and the repair guy knows exactly what is needed. I would, without reservation recommend Gary's services for anyone."

Fred Beckham, Tallahassee


"After meeting Gary at one of his gigs, he was kind enough to let me perform a short set using his 414ce. The performance of his guitar is awesome and compelled me to have him convert my 914ce. The modification looks great and the audio results are immediately noticeable through my PA. To use an auto analogy, I had a 911 and now I have a 911 Turbo!"

Tim Simmons
Tampa, FL


Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that the work you did on my Martin HD-28 was unbelievable, quick and very reasonably priced.  I brought it to you for just a fret job but you had additional ideas, mostly to correct previous work.  This was my third fret job and replacing them with stainless was a fantastic idea and the bolder profile made a nice difference in its playability.  I was told by several repair shops, Martin included, that this would change the sound of the guitar and was not suggested, but I can't tell any dramatic difference acoustically or plugged-in.  The detailing of the ebony fret board, smoothing the ruts, made the neck look and feel brand new again.  Changing the nut and saddle made a definite difference in the way the guitar rings on single notes and chords making the use of the capo much less noticeable both acoustically and plugged-in.  Giving updates on the work as it progresses gave me confidence that you were taking care of the 'baby".  Although, it was a bit stressful to see some of the pics of it in the disassembled condition these all came together as the finished success was displayed.  You truly love and respect the instruments you work on and being a musician yourself gives you an advantage on how you approach these major repairs and upgrades. You'll definitely get my future work!

Thanks again,


"Hello Gary...thank you for the re-fret job you did on my Collings mandolin. the workmanship is excellent, as is the set up. I appreciated your visual e-mail progress reports. I also appreciated your attention to detail-the new bone nut you carved was beautifully done. And, I thank you for the way you expedited matters in order to conform to my schedule. When another one of my toys goes down I shall be calling on you."

Regards...Dave Leporati